OWL Player of the Week: Week 4 – Glister

This week (OWL 2020 Week 4), the Overwatch League travelled to Houston to compete in front of the Outlaws’ home crowd. The Philadelphia Fusion continued their streak of dominance and the New York Excelsior swept the Florida Mayhem. Additionally, the London Spitfire won a pair of very close matches in Game 5. Last week, a support player from the Houston Outlaws won the title of Best Player of the Week. In Week 4, a top-tier DPS stood out from the crowd – Glister.

London Spitfire's Glister take OWL 2020 POW in Week 4

Player of the Week – Glister

Gil-seong “Glister” Lim is the OWL Player of the Week for Week 4. Combining McCree, Widowmaker, and Reaper, Glister provided the reliable DPS that the London Spitfire desperately needed. Over the course of two sets that both went to Game 5, Glister dealt 172k player damage with 299 eliminations and 167 final blows. This was by far the most damage dealt by any player this weekend, and the Spitfire needed every part of it.

In truly nail-biting fashion, both of the Spitfire’s series featured intense Game 5 matches to determine the victor of the set. Not only did Glister play a crucial role in getting the Spitfire to these final matches, but he was also instrumental in closing them out, like in this brawl at the end of their set with Florida Mayhem. In many situations, Glister gave the Spitfire an edge in extremely close matches and allowed them to come out on top.

Hero Pool

Thanks to constantly changing hero bans, the meta of most used characters is able to shift from week to week. Glister flaunted his deep hero pool, playing both hit-scan and tracking DPS characters with proficiency. In a scenario where certain characters could be taken out of rotation at random, the Spitfire can rest assured that Glister will end up with a character he’s comfortable with.

Honourable Mention – Libero

This week’s honourable mention goes to Hae-seong “Libero” Kim. As far as consistency goes, Libero was a model player. Although he only played for a portion of the New York Excelsior’s set, his Mei provided huge utility for his team. By playing conservatively he was only killed 17 times, and used Mei’s ice wall ability to perfection to close off angles and trap enemy players. With Mei being a strong character pick, it’s a likely Overwatch Bet that Libero will be seeing more usage in the future.

Next Week – Week 5

Next week, the Overwatch League returns to Washington’s “The Anthem” arena for another set of matches. In this battle of eastern division teams, the Philadelphia Fusion, New York Excelsior, Boston Uprising, Atlanta Reign and others will be facing off. Will the Washington Justice be able to upset the Excelsior and Uprising in front of their fans? Which player will be the difference in determining a close win or a heartbreaking defeat? Come back again next week and see for yourself!