OWL Player of the Week Week 5 Xzi

OWL Player of the Week: Week 5 – Xzi

After an exciting week of action, the OWL announced the suspension of all homestand matches in March and April. In light of player health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, the OWL wants to proactively protect its players. The OWL recently announced that matches will continue in an online fashion in the future. Until that point, this will be the final piece of our Player of the Week series.

Getting back to last week’s matches, we saw the reign of the Philadelphia Fusion snapped by the Paris Eternal. Additionally, the Florida Mayhem and Houston Outlaws found redemption with wins in dominant fashion while the Boston Uprising struggled. Last week, our Player of the Week went to an up-and-coming DPS from the London Spitfire. This week, the honour goes to a player who made all the difference in ending the Fusion’s winning streak.

Player Of The Week – Xzi

The OWL 2020 Week 5 Player of the Week is Ki-hyo “Xzi” Jung. A member of the Paris Eternal, he played a huge role in upsetting the Philadelphia Fusion in a nail-biting series. Although the Eternal got swept in their series against Outlaws, their second match went much differently. Throughout this season’s starting weeks, the Fusion have steamrolled the majority of their opponents. But with the Eternal, this was not the case.

From the onset, the Eternal came out strong. They jumped to an early 2-0 lead and nearly swept the Fusion before they clawed their way back. Then, the Eternal closed out the series in an intense match on Game 5. Throughout the series, Xzi was a key factor in the Eternal’s success. Across his matches, he dealt 62k hero damage with 99 eliminations and 47 final blows, much of them coming in the set versus the Fusion.

Paris Eternal Xzi Named Player Of The Week For The OWL 2020 Week 5

Xzi – Value in Versatility

Across his two sets, Xzi played a total of 6 different heroes. In the Overwatch League’s constantly changing hero pool format, the ability to play multiple heroes at the highest level is extremely valuable. Up to this point, McCree has been one of the most popular DPS picks of the season. However, McCree was randomly selected to be banned from this week’s competition.

Because of this, DPS players turned to other heroes in the absence of McCree, one on the most popular picks of the season. Xzi proved that not having McCree available was no problem, as he flexed his ability to play Soldier 76, Hanzo, and Tracer. While other DPS players struggled without their comfort pick, Xzi proved his value as a versatile player able to perform at the highest level in any meta. In the future, expect to see Xzi remain a strong Overwatch bet in future weeks.

Most Improved

In past weeks, Houston Outlaws DPS Jeffrey “Blasé” Tsang struggled to perform on McCree at a high level. This week, Blasé had an opportunity for redemption because of the McCree ban. Blasé took full advantage of this chance. Playing Doomfist, he repeatedly decimated the Paris Eternal lineup. Blasé proved that, under the right circumstances, he too can function as a dominant DPS in the Outlaws’ lineup.