OWL Player of the Week: Week 8 - Marve1

OWL Player of the Week: Week 8 – Marve1

After a two-week cancellation, the Overwatch League returned to schedule this week by kicking off Week 8. However, the League also announced that like this week, all remaining matches of the 2020 season will be played strictly in an online format. Initially, the OWL planned to adopt a system of “homestand matches” where teams would travel around the world to compete in from of international crowds. These plans were formally cancelled after the outbreak of COVID-19, and the League instead chose to implement online matches for the foreseeable future.

Luckily for us, we were able to tune into a host of exhilarating matches in Week 8, despite the absence of live crowds. In Week 8, we saw the Chengdu Hunters, Hangzhou Spark, and Guangzhou Charge play in their debut matches of the season. Additionally, the Seoul Dynasty put on a dominant display while the Shanghai Dragons got off to a rough start. This week, our Player of the Week goes to a key member of the Seoul Dynasty who lead them to victory in both of their sets.

Marve1 – Player of the Week

The OWL Week 8 Player of the Week is Min-seo “Marve1” Hwang. A member of the Seoul Dynasty, he is an accomplished main tank player alongside Jae-hee “Gesture” Hong. As a main tank player, it often feels harder to stand out amongst the many big names of the OWL. Many of the most well-known names of the OWL are flashy, showy DPS players. But this week, Marve1 proved this trend wrong by securing several highlight-reel plays of his own.

Seoul Dynasty possible favorites for the OWL 2020 Pacific Conference East Division

In past weeks, tank hero Sigma has shifted in and out of the meta as players tested out his viability. This week Marve1 showed everyone that his Sigma is still a threat to contend with, playing alongside Gesture who mainly played Orisa. As Sigma, he continually dished out crowd-control with his accretion ability and his wide-ranging ultimate ability. In addition, he utilized Sigma’s highly mobile shield to protect his diving teammates and compliment the Orisa shielding.

Marve1 OWL Recognition

Additionally, the OWL explicitly acknowledged the contributions Marve1 made for his team in the past week. They published an in-depth analysis video breaking down all of his highlights and smart plays on Sigma from this week.

Seoul Dynasty & The OWL

For the Seoul Dynasty, the performance of their tank unit should be deeply reassuring. As a team who rebuilt most of their team in the offseason, their performance this weekend is proof of their success and effort in rebuilding. As Marve1 proved, competent tank players enable the success of their team as a whole. If Marve1 and Gesture continue this level of play in the future, expect the Seoul Dynasty to be a strong Overwatch bet in upcoming weeks.

Looking Ahead

Next week, online matches continue with players competing from remote locations. The Shanghai Dragons, Hangzhou Charge, and Washington Justice among others will continue play into Week 9. Check back again next week to see who we select for Overwatch Player of the Week!