OWL Player of the Week Week 9 NiCOgdh

OWL Player of the Week: Week 9 – NiCOgdh

This week, the Overwatch League continued its newly implemented system of online play during Week 9. During this week’s matches, we saw the Shanghai Dragons bounce back from their rough start and the Dallas Fuel finally get a win under their belt after a long drought. In addition, the League had a bit of fun with a unique way of announcing hero bans featuring a feline companion. Last week, a Seoul Dynasty main tank was nominated for best Overwatch League Player of the Week. This week, the honour goes to a crafty DPS, NiCOgdh, who helped lead the Paris Eternal to a 3-1 victory over the Houston Outlaws.

NiCOgdh – Player of the Week

Week 9’s Player of the Week is Nicolas “NiCOgdh” Moret. A French DPS player for the Paris Eternal, his Doomfist play gave the Eternal a decisive edge in their set with the Houston Outlaws. Combining extreme mobility with explosive killing power, Nico’s Doomfist menaced the Outlaw’s support players. Over the course of the set, he racked up 87 eliminations, 50 final blows, and 38k hero damage dealt. Nico briefly played Sombra, but the vast majority of his damage was inflicted with his Doomfist.

OWL Week 9 Hero Bans Surprise

Under the weekly hero ban system implemented by the OWL, 4 random heroes become ineligible to play each week. By chance, two of the most popular DPS characters of the season were banned for Week 9. As heroes with very high pick rates, the lack of both Mei and McCree left many teams scrambling for alternatives for this week’s play. The Paris Eternal’s strategy to this problem gave them the advantage in their matchup against the Outlaws.

The Eternal Strategy

In past weeks, one of the Eternal’s standout players was Ki-hyo “Xzi” Jung. However, Xzi typically relies on a variety of hitscan heroes such as McCree. Rather than assign him to an alternate role, the Eternal opted to bench him entirely for Week 9 in favour of their alternate DPS players.

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Typically, removing one of your star players would not be considered a smart move by any means. But in this case, expertise made all the difference. Forcing a hitscan player to a new main on such short notice would likely result in less than optimal gameplay. Instead, the Eternal recognized Nico’s potential on Doomfist and altered their team composition to fit this playstyle. The Paris Eternal’s adaptive planning and optimization signals them as a strong Overwatch bet heading into future weeks. Obviously, this switch played off dividends for the Paris Eternal. Nico’s Doomfist decimated the Outlaws backline and helped lead the Paris Eternal to victory.

Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 9! This week. the most valuable player goes to none other than Nicolas "NiCOgdh" Moret. Here's why.

Looking Ahead

Next week, more teams face off in a continuation of the online match format. The Philadelphia Fusion will attempt to restart their win streak against the Eternal and Reign, and the Houston Outlaws have an attempt to redeem themselves against the Defiant and Uprising. As always, make sure to check back here for our pick for Player of the Week for Week 10!