Welcome back to our Overwatch League Player of the Week series: Playoff Edition! Playoff action is reaching its apex with Week 2 of the Playoffs concluding last weekend. From here on, the final four teams will battle it out in Grand Finals Weekend to see who will be the Season 3 Overwatch League Champions. Before we name our MVP, let’s recap what teams still remain in contention for the title.

In the NA bracket, the top-seeded San Francisco Shock and Philadelphia Fusion both advance to Grand Finals. From the Asia bracket, the Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty will meet them in Grand Finals weekend. Starting October 8th, the Shock will battle the Dynasty while the Fusion face off against the Dragons. Now, let’s take a look back at a player who helped advance the Shanghai Dragons to Grand Finals.

Player of the Week – Fearless

The Overwatch League Player of the Week is Eui-Seok “Fearless” Lee. A main-tank player for the Dragons, Fearless and his team played an intense series against the Seoul Dynasty. In their match, Fearless had 100 eliminations, 34 final blows, and 31k hero damage dealt. Playing a mixture of Winston and Roadhog, Fearless was integral in winning the tank battle against the Dynasty.

As the League nears its end, teams continue to push the meta and attempt to surprise their opponents with new team compositions. In recent weeks, Zarya and Roadhog have both been popular tank options in the OWL. Out of the two, Fearless was responsible for playing Roadhog this weekend. As Roadhog, Fearless both absorbed and mitigated enemy damage while using his long ranged hook to snipe out weaker targets.

Fearless Shanghai Dragons

The Dragons’ Dive & Fearless’s Winston

Surprisingly, he also played Winston when the Dragons switched to a more mobile dive composition. In a season where dive has not been the predominant meta, the Dragons made a bold decision to run this lineup in the playoffs. Ultimately, this choice proved effective in countering the slower composition picked by the Seoul Dynasty. If the Dragons can continue to push the meta under the lead of players like Fearless, expect them to remain a strong Overwatch bet heading into Grand Finals weekend.

Looking Ahead – Grand Finals

For now, Overwatch League action will take a short break to give teams time to prepare for Grand Finals. Then, the League will return on October 8th to crown a new champion. As previously mentioned, the Dragons will begin by facing the Fusion while the Dynasty takes on Shock. As always, make sure to check back here for our choice for the Overwatch League Player of the Week!