Overwatch League Player of the Week - Week 26 - Logix

Overwatch League Player of the Week – Week 26 – Logix

Welcome back to Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 26! This week, teams competed to bolster their seeding for the upcoming Countdown Cup. This tournament will be the final mid-season tourney before the Grand Finals tournament. Similar to the May Melee and Summer Showdown, teams are seeded based on their recent records and will then advance through a single elimination bracket until a winner emerges. And as usual, significant prize pools for the top 3 teams help to motivate the competition.

In this week of OWL action, the Philadelphia Fusion and San Francisco Shock continued to show why they are considered two of the most dominant teams in the league. They each scored commanding 3-0 victories over their opponents. On the other hand, the Dallas Fuel and Boston Uprising both came up short against their weekend opponents. Last week, our OWL player of the week went to a standout DPS player on the Seoul Dynasty. This week, the honor goes to another high octane DPS on the Toronto Defiant, the Belgian powerhouse Logix.

Player of the Week – Logix

The Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 28 is Andreas “Logix” Berghman. A League veteran playing for the Defiant, Logix scored 130 eliminations, 55 final blows, and 45k hero damage against the Vancouver Titans. Playing a mixture of Ashe and Widowmaker, Logix was able to pick apart the Titans from afar. However, he also utilized Symmetra to get close and lock down zones to punish the Titans offense.

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For Week 26, hero pools were temporarily disabled. This allowed teams to implement any meta they desired without restriction. Orisa was a very popular pick for tanks, and nearly every team ran a composition that included a Widowmaker or similar long-range sniper. As in previous weeks, many teams fielded Genji in their lineups. For the Defiant, Agilities fulfilled the role of Genji while Logix played as his long-range counterpart.

Logix & His Hero Variance

As Widowmaker, Logix picked apart the Titans with deadly precision. He frequently engaged in Widowmaker duels against Shockwave, and frequently succeeded in shutting down the opposing DPS. To counter diving heroes, he also played Ashe to gain mobility and speed while maintaining the same long-distance striking power. Surprisingly enough, Logix also brought out Symmetra, a hero with little representation in the OWL.

However, Logix found a way to make the unorthodox pick work for the Defiant. With turret placements and Symmetra’s lock on beam, Logix helped the Defiant to secure and maintain objectives. For the Defiant, a solid performance by Logix is absolutely crucial at this point in the season. Currently ranked 14th in the League, bolstering their record with a few late season wins could be game-changing. The Defiant could become a stronger Overwatch bet if they continue to play around their strong players.

Looking Ahead

As we mentioned before, next week will showcase the Overwatch League Countdown Cup. Teams will face off in a single-elimination bracket and gradually advance until a champion is crowned. As always, make sure to check back here next week for our breakdown of the Overwatch League Countdown Cup!