After taking a two-week break once the May Melee wrapped up, the Overwatch League is coming back in Week 19 with matches leading to a new tournament to take place over the first weekend of July, the Summer Showdown. Like the previous tournament, the North America and Asia regions will have separate brackets, a prize pool will be awarded depending on where teams end up, and higher-seeded teams will pick who their opponents will be. Hero Pools will also last two weeks now, with Echo, Sombra,, and Brigitte banned for now. This weekend marks the first round of new qualifier matches, so let’s see what’s in store and the Overwatch betting opportunities.

OWL Week 19 Schedule

  1. London Spitfire vs. Shanghai Dragons
  2. New York Excelsior vs. Seoul Dynasty
  3. Paris Eternal vs. Boston Uprising
  4. Florida Mayhem vs. Dallas Fuel
  5. Atlanta Reign vs. Los Angeles Gladiators
  6. Philadelphia Fusion vs. Houston Outlaws
  7. Vancouver Titans vs. Toronto Defiant
  8. Los Angeles Valiant vs. Washington Justice
OWL Week 19 Schedule

Things To Expect This Week

Boston Looking On The Upswing

Since Boston looked much more improved the last few times we’ve seen them, including a five-game series against Paris, facing them again can show if they can keep up the momentum.

Eternal’s Sp9rkle Hype

The Eternal’s hype signing from the offseason Sp9rkle is finally old enough to play matches in the Overwatch League, so he could potentially take over the flex-DPS spot from Nicogdh. We get another all Canadian matchup with Toronto able to get more use out of recent signees Kruise and Numlocked.

Vancouver Titans Old Boys Make New Teams Debut

Meanwhile, ex-Vancouver Titans players Haksal, Jjanu, and Stitch debut with their new teams in New York and Washington. While New York is already stacked, Washington is now down to just six Koreans, so Jjanu and Stitch have to step up immediately.

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