OWL Player of the Week - Week 25 - Profit

OWL Player of the Week – Week 25 – Profit

Welcome back to the Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 25! This week, teams continued to push towards the season’s end in a series of thrilling matchups. This Philadelphia Fusion and Shanghai Dragons both gained two victories over the weekend, while the Seoul Dynasty were unable to find a victory in either of their matches. Last week, our player of the week was a particularly adaptable player from San Francisco Shock. This week, the honor goes to a notable DPS player from the Seoul Dynasty who nearly carried the Dynasty to a victory over the weekend, and that none other than Profit.

Player of the Week – Profit

The Overwatch League Player of the Week for Week 25 is Joon-yeong “Profit” Park. Over the course of his 2 sets, Profit achieved 162 eliminations, 73 final blows, and 72k hero damage dealt. Compared to his Dynasty teammates, these numbers are very much on the high side. Playing exclusively Tracer, Profit was the primary provider of damage throughout much of the series.

Typically, players using Tracer don’t attempt to deal large amounts of damage outright. Instead, they seek to finish off injured enemy heroes with targeted bursts of damage. For Profit, that meant his job was much more difficult as Tracer. For many, the logical choice would have been to switch to a character who can dish out more sustained damage over time. However, Profit made quite a clear case for sticking with the Tracer pick.

Seoul Dynasty possible favorites for the OWL 2020 Pacific Conference East Division

Profit & His Impactful Plays

Profit’s explosive playstyle and impactful eliminations helped to give the Dynasty a fighting chance in their matches. Despite getting 3-0’d by the Shanghai Dragons, the Dynasty kept the round counts relatively close at 4-5 and 2-3. Their match against the Chengdu Hunters was much closer, with the Hunters winning by only one map. To keep them in the game, Profit had to make massive plays on multiple occasions. One play was a massive triple pulse bomb that made its way into the OWL Top Plays of Week 25.

Declining Dynasty?

In many ways, Profit was the sole upside of the Dynasty’s weekend performance. At times their team compositions felt disorganized and sloppy. At the beginning of the season, the Dynasty presented themselves as a rebuilt team and were a top team of their division. In recent weeks, they have had more difficulty in matchups they used to dominate. With dominant players like Profit and Gesture, the Dynasty could still be a promising team to close the season. However, they will definitely need to address some glaring issues to remain a strong Overwatch bet.

Looking Ahead

Next week, matches continue as Week 26 kicks off. The Seoul Dynasty get a chance at redemption in their match against the Guangzhou Charge. In addition, the Los Angeles Valiant play a set of matches against the Philadelphia Fusion and the Houston Outlaws. The Dallas Fuel also have a chance to improve their record in their 2 games next week. As always make sure to check back here next week for our choice for Overwatch League Player of the Week!