Best Esports Betting Sites For 2021

We’ve been working hard on finding and ranking the best esports betting sites out there. Now, of course, not everyone will agree with our rating framework, and this is to be expected as everyone will have his or her preferences. We try to keep it simple, rating these esports betting sites on five significant criteria; Portal, Security, Odd Value, Market Variety and Support.

We will also show you which best esports betting sites are available and legal in your country! As you can well see, some providers might be blocked for you as these esports betting sites are not permitted to accept traffic from your country of origin.

Finding The Best Esports Betting Site & How Our Esports Betting Sites Reviews Work

This is all open to interpretation, as what works from someone betting in the USA might not work for someone betting in the UK. We give you our suggestions; however, it will be up to you to find the perfect esports betting site. There are some questions you should ask yourself when searching for your best betting provider, and we’ll go through these questions you should be asking further down in this article.

Esports Betting Sites Rating Explained Portal & UX

Here we suggest that you go through the esports betting site to get a general idea to the look and feel of the website. Most providers offer the same experience; however, it can be seen that some esports betting sites invest much more in the overall user experience of their product. Here you will also form a connection with the brand, as it also plays a huge role. Within 5-10 seconds of using the product, you’ll know if it’s the esports betting site for you.

Security & Legitamacy

If you were getting into esports betting a while ago, this would have been one of the main factors you would have needed to check out for. Rogue esports betting sites, while still out there, are much fewer in numbers nowadays. In order to check if a site is legitimate or not, there are multiple things you need to check out.

First, we suggest doing a good google search, which will give you a good idea if the site is well received and well used by the public. Secondly, one could also search for websites and brands that sponsor esports teams. To be able to sponsor an esports team, these sites go through a lengthy KYC (Due Diligence) process, so when you see that a site is an official sponsor of a good esports team, you know you’re dealing with a legitimate betting site. An excellent example of this would be Betway sponsoring BIG, Invictus Gaming, NiP, MiBR and PSG LGD. There are also other factors you can watch out for, such as social media engagement as well as review sites such as TrustPilot.

The final thing you can check is the operator’s licence. Reputable gaming licenses such as the MGA list all operators which are licenced by them on their website.

Odd Value

The odd value is something that is of the utmost importance when finding your best esports betting site. Here you will be getting a bigger bang for your buck. Some websites might offer, for example, 1.5 for Na’Vi to win a match, but another provider might offer 1.9 for Na’Vi to win. This means that you will be getting 0.4 extra!

Comparing odds might be a tedious job; however, we have our very own esports odds comparison tool that you can use for free! If you’re looking by odds comparison by page, check out our dedicated pages:

Esports Coverage & Market Variety

The market variety will be more beneficially for casual esports bettors, as it will give them more options on more games to bet on. Apart from having multiple esports titles covered, there could also be a variety of esports betting markets. Sites like Midnite offer exceptional odds on some fun bets, such as who will get the most kills in a series between two players. These variety bets are obviously quite volatile, but if you bet safely, it could be quite fun.

Some other sites also create bet bundles on certain mainstream events, in which you would be able to get better odds for certain matches if the pre-built multi-bet is taken as a whole.

Some esports betting sites also offer skin betting, in which players are able to bet using game skins, and in return, they will be able to get a monetary reward.


Having good support is always, with any service, be it esports/betting related or not. Most sites have whole support teams, working 24/7, but other smaller companies and startups have smaller setups which will allow players to get in touch during office hours.

Support on the best esports betting sites is mostly offered on various mediums, such as real-time support, email & phone. Even though you might think that you would not be needed to much support, rest assured that there might be times in which you would need to talk to support in order to check on any queries you might have regards deposit or withdrawals, or if there are matches which are not settled in time.

Esportsbooks And Traditional Sportsbooks

With the rise of the esports scene, most traditional sportsbooks jumped on the esports betting bandwagon. There are pros and cons for each of the two:

  1. Esportsbooks have a broader esports market variety, offering odds on multiple esports games.
  2. Esportsbooks have better bonuses when it comes to esports specifically, and their esports odds are updated more regularly.
  3. Esportsbooks have a better user experience for gamers and the younger generation.
  4. Traditional Sportsbooks are more established and might offer better support.
  5. Traditional Sportsbooks offer more withdrawal and deposit options when compared to esports betting sites.
  6. Traditional Sportsbooks will have a bigger deposit and withdrawal limit.

Having said that, as time goes on, Traditional Sportsbooks are learning more and more when it comes to esports, hiring dedicated professionals that worked in the esports scene, so the stigma of Traditional Sportsbooks not knowing the esports scene is slowly ending.

Esports Betting Sites Bonuses

This is a no brainer for us. Bonuses entice us to start using a new esports betting site. For example, during our CDL Betting Predictions run, we created an account with Betway, got a 50£ bonus, and turned it 400£ give or take. There are multiple esports bonuses that you keep an eye out for, and these are first deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, bonus cashback, welcome/signup bonus, progressive bonus and freebet bonus.

First Deposit Bonus

It represents compensation for the amount deposited by a new user on the gaming platform under consideration. This type of promotional bonus can only be withdrawn by adhering to certain website specific rules.

Most bookmakers require a deposit from new members who open a gaming account before offering them a betting bonus, so they do not take advantage of it without ever trying to play even for a fee. To enjoy the first deposit bonus and make the first bet, you must wait to validate your esports betting site account after attaching the appropriately digitized identification documents.

When you’re starting out, these bonuses most of the time duplicate your deposit, as it would be a 100% deposit match. Be sure to check if the site you’re signing up with has a bonus available before depositing any money.

No Deposit Bonus

A betting bonus is offered to both new subscribers and regular users who do not require a deposit to be made to play.

Bonus Cashback

Also called Refund Bonus, it provides for reimbursement of the money played in case of a loss. This is a promotional bonus aimed at new players who have just registered on an esports betting site to open a gaming account and have already made the first top-up and started playing.

Welcome Bonus

A Welcome Bonus is for new members, frequently coupled with a promotional code. This bonus is credited only after user registration and validation of the game account following the sending of a digitized identity document.

Progressive Bonus

This type of bonus is usually rewarded as you keep on playing with a specific esports betting site. It can also be referred to as a loyalty bonus and is normally rewarded when you keep playing with a specific platform for a long period.

Multiple Bonus

This type of bonus allows you to increase the winnings of multiple bets by a variable percentage depending on the number of bets made. It is usually calculated on multiple esports bets with five or more selections.

Freebet Bonus

It is a promotional bonus dedicated to both new customers and already registered users. This is an esports betting bonus that, although it does not require a money deposit, still allows you to play free esports bets thanks to the bookmaker’s amount. Among other benefits, you can deduct the cost of your bets from your winnings.

Different esports betting platforms have their unique types of bonuses. We suggest you always keep an eye out and sample them to determine which one has the best offer.

Are there any legal esports betting sites in my country?

This depends on your country, and you need to be careful and make sure that the esports betting site that you go to operates legally in your country. The esports betting sites we show you should be updated, and showing you the latest data we received; however, we do not guarantee this as there might have been some legislation updated which we are not aware of.

The list below will show you a list with all the betting sites that are available to your country. If the list is empty, be sure to check back with us as we’re always looking to add the best esports betting sites to our list.