Bookie Review: LOOTBET

Bookie Review: LOOTBET

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LOOTBET Introduction (Overview/About)

LOOT.BET entered the esports betting industry in 2016 and since then, it has become one of the best esports betting sites in the world. The company is being run by a solid team full of esports enthusiasts and their passion for competitive gaming can be seen in the quality of their services. From the design of the website to the thoroughness with which they cover a wide variety of esports, LOOTBET is a top-notch bookmaker that gives countless esports fans from around the globe the chance to bet on their favorite teams and games.

As an esports betting site, LOOT.BET covers a wide range of titles and offers users the freedom to bet on anything that stirs their interest, from CS:GO to StarCraft II.

Over the years, LOOT.BET has earned a reputation for being a responsible and trustworthy bookmaker that offers one of the best esports betting services in the industry. If you are a new customer, their FAQ section answers most of the queries regarding the site. Customer support is always active and reachable.

Games Offered by LOOTBET

LOOTBET is committed to providing a wide range of popular esports to bet on. Here’s a list of them:

Loot Bet Homepage -
Loot.Bet Homepage – Image snipped from LB

LOOTBET In-Play Betting (Live Betting)

On LOOT.BET, a user’s ability to bet is not time-restricted, in the sense that you are not required to place your bet ahead of the game. Instead, you are being offered plenty of live-betting opportunities, which means that if you have deep knowledge of a particular esport, you can assess a match while it’s taking place and bet with a much higher probability of success.

LOOTBET showcases live-betting in multiple esports scenes, including the following:

CSGO Market Varieties

  • Map Winner
  • Total Rounds
  • Handicap (map/round advantage or disadvantage)
  • Winner of Pistol Round(s)
  • Specific Round (1,4,16 etc.)
  • Odd / Even Rounds

DOTA 2 Market Varieties

  • Game Winner
  • First Blood
  • First to 10 Kills
  • Odd / Even Kills

LOL Market Varieties

  • Game Winner
  • First Blood
  • First to 10 Kills
  • Odd/Even Kills

You’ll find plenty more options on the website. According to your preferences and esports knowledge, these options will allow you to specialize, pick your bets conveniently and really enjoy this side of competitive gaming. When big tournaments take place, who doesn’t like the thrill of betting on a team and following the match glued to the screen?

LOOTBET Bonuses & Promotions

Currently, LOOT.BET offers a 100% match bonus for up to €200 on your first deposit. To activate it, you simply need to apply the bonus code “MEBO100” during the deposit confirmation. After doing so, you have 180 days to use the code or it will be removed from your account via automated security. LOOT.BET has a minimum deposit amount of €10 but you might want to take advantage of the full €200 bonus as this offer is only applicable on the first deposit. Take note that you must bet on markets with 1.79 odds or higher, or those bets will not top-up your bonus amount. After you receive the welcome bonus, you will have 15 days to make use of it.

One feature that makes LOOTBET a very attractive choice in the world of esports betting are the odds, which are excellent and usually higher than almost any other bookmaker’s.

EPIC League Bonus

With Loot.Bet’s Epic League just around the corner, we can expect a month full of awesome games and matches between top Dota 2 talent from Europe and CIS! It’s very simple, and you can get yourself a €20 free bet. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Follow this link to go over to Lootbet
  2. Enter the code EPIC in Gifts section
  3. Make a deposit of at least €20 (or equivalent)
  4. Grab a €20 free bet from the Gifts section!

LOOTBET Payment Methods

To start betting on your favorite esports games and teams, you can fund your LOOT.BET account in a variety of ways. The bookmaker has multiple payment options you can choose from.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Skinpay
  • Ecopayz
  • Dragonpay
  • Rapid Transfer
  • QIWI
  • Trustly
  • Webmoney

LOOTBET Payment Security

LOOT.BET’s sign up process is simple and secure. All it requires is a few seconds to choose a username and password. Once you have confirmed your password and entered your email, you are all set and good to go. It literally takes just seconds to complete the whole thing.

The security of LOOT.BET is maintained with firewalls and SSL protection against modern hackers who try to steal sensitive information. This website flaunts its Seal of Approval from the Security Standard Council for being compliant with the Data Security Standards. According to the security council, “This Seal of Approval confirms that credit card payment is secure in this webshop. The vendor uses a certified payment solution and has submitted a binding self-assessment concerning the secure handling of credit card data. Thereby the company complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).”

If you are a user who wants added privacy, there is also an option to bet anonymously by using Bitcoin as your primary banking option. All you need is to get your BTC wallet opened up and undergo a few wallet verification steps. The verification will only take a few minutes and you are set.

Withdrawing money is as easy as making deposits. The only limitation here is that you can’t withdraw more than 10,000 Euro per month. But unless you’re planning to bet professionally and using high amounts, that’s not going to be an issue. If you have more questions regarding cashing out, you are welcome to seek customer support, which we are going to tackle next.

LOOTBET’s Customer Support

Customer support is a very important aspect of every bookmaker. At LOOT.BET, members can ask for assistance at any time of the day and on every day of the week – be it via telephone or email. The live chat, however, is only available between 8am and 5pm. The representatives who answer your calls are friendly and always willing to help you with your queries.

Loot.Bet Casino - Casino Page- Image snipped from LB

Portal User Friendliness

LOOT.BET’s website layout is a model of elegance and simplicity, so you won’t have any trouble there. Users can easily navigate through each panel as the site looks flawless on both PC and mobile. The look and feel of the website has been clearly designed with esports in mind, showcasing a dark yet vibrant color scheme.

LOOT.BET was developed to display a lively and engaging mood. All available esports are listed on the front page and it is very easy to find what you’re looking for. Whether you want to bet on CS:GO, LoL or Dota 2, you can quickly choose the appropriate filter and see every match from every ongoing or upcoming tournament. It’s all accessible in just a few clicks.

LOOT.BET Launched A New App!

LOOT.BET now has its own app, meaning that you can bet from your smartphone whenever you may choose. This gives tournament goers and serious bettors a lot of flexibility.

LOOT.BET Availability

LOOT.BET offers its services to people from all over the world, with certain exceptions. I will list the most important ones here:

  • Cyprus
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Malta
  • Belarus
  • Netherlands
  • USA

If you’re not from a country that prohibits betting altogether, you will most likely be welcomed on the platform and allowed to bet right away.

LootBet Ladder - Prize Ladder – Image snipped from LB


LOOT.BET has a small contest every week, and a bigger one that will offer generous rewards at the end of March 2020. As you might expect, the contest is based on winning bets and gaining experience. The top bettors get rewarded.

The prize pool of the weekly rankings is as follows:

Rare Week Rewards

  1. 1st place – Apple iPhone 11 256 Gb
  2. 2nd place – Apple AirPods 2
  3. 3rd place – €50 on the account
  4. 4th place – €40 on the account
  5. 5th place – €30 on the account
  6. 6th place – €20 on the account
  7. 7th place – €10 on the account

Epic Week Rewards

  1. 1st place – Apple iPhone 11 512 Gb
  2. 2nd place – Apple Watch Series 5
  3. 3rd place – Apple AirPods 2
  4. 4th place – €60 on the account.
  5. 5th place – €50 on the account.
  6. 6th place – €40 on the account.
  7. 7th place – €30 on the account.
  8. 8th place – €20 on the account.
  9. 9th place – €10 on the account.

Legendary Week Rewards

  1. 1st place – Apple iPhone 11 PRO 512 Gb
  2. 2nd place – Apple Watch Series 5
  3. 3rd place – Apple AirPods 2
  4. 4th place – €70 on the account.
  5. 5th place – €60 on the account.
  6. 6th place – €50 on the account.
  7. 7th place – €40 on the account.
  8. 8th place – €30 on the account.
  9. 9th place – €20 on the account.
  10. 10th place – €10 on the account.

Total ranking prize pool (at the end of March):

  1. 1st place: €4,000 on the account
  2. 2nd place: €2,500 on the account
  3. 3rd place: €1,500 on the account
  4. 4th place: €700 on the account
  5. 5th place: €300 on the account
  6. 6th place: €100 on the account
  7. 7th place: €95 on the account
  8. 8th place: €90 on the account
  9. 9th place: €85 on the account
  10. 10th place: €80 on the account
  11. 11th place: €75 on the account
  12. 12th place: €70 on the account
  13. 13th place: €65 on the account
  14. 14th place: €60 on the account
  15. 15th place: €55 on the account
  16. 16th place: €50 on the account
  17. 17th place: €45 on the account
  18. 18th place: €40 on the account
  19. 19th place: €35 on the account
  20. 20th place: €30 on the account
  21. 21st place: €25 on the account

Not Available! It seems that LOOTBET is not licensed in your country.