PUBG Betting Guide: All You Need to Know About PUBG Gambling

PUBG is one of the most popular competitive video games in the world and one of the most successful title of all time, with over 50 million copies sold and hundreds of millions of players if we include the mobile version. As the game turns more and more into an esport, PUBG betting also becomes an important leisure activity for a lot of people. Which is why we’ve decided to offer you this PUBG betting guide and explain the basics of how you can place PUBG bets, how to get good at it and which are the best PUBG betting sites.

What Is PUBG?

PUBG is a multiplayer battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation that involves up to one hundred players. These players parachute onto an island and then start searching for equipment and weapons. The goal is the be the last man standing, whether player or team. Some have called it Fortnite for adults and it certainly is very addictive once you start to understand how it works.

An Introduction to PUBG Betting

PUBG betting is still in its infancy, simply because the professional scene is yet to be fully developed. However, tournaments do exist and the top PUBG betting sites provide full coverage for them, showering you with PUBG gambling options.

For most people PUBG betting is just a form of entertainment. They like to spice up their interest when watching a good match, so they place a bet on it. This is perfectly fine and the effects are definitely worthwhile. But there’s a slightly more serious way of being involved in PUBG and PUBG betting as a fan of this esport, and that involves time and effort. The financial results are usually better, simply because you no longer gamble at random. Instead, you plan your moves, do your research, keep a journal or a text document with everything you’ve learned about the pro scene, and just treat everything in a more professional way.

PUBG Betting Guide All You Need to Know About PUBG Gambling
PUBG 2018 Global Invitational at Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena. Photo Credits – PUBG Corporation

The best PUBG betting sites offer a wide variety of PUBG gambling odds and markets. Your task is to investigate and find the best opportunities, relying on your knowledge of the game and its professional scene, as well as betting tips from analysts who closely watch the teams with a lot of interest. The key thing to keep in mind when betting on PUBG is that this form of gambling is similar to poker, but with a key advantage: there is zero pressure on you to place a bet. This allows you to hunt for the right opportunities and make money whenever they arise.

In light of what was said previously, you could potentially study a number of players and teams, follow them closely on social media, try to be up to date whenever they play a match, and then use your understanding of where they’re at to bet on or against them, depending on who they play and what their current form is. This is a very simple way to greatly improve your win rate when betting on PUBG. This tip also works great when betting on other esports titles such as CSGO Betting and Dota Betting.

Developing Your Own PUBG Betting System

PUBG gambling done right requires you do have a minimal system. Even a simple one is better than none at all. This system should include amounts, your assessment of players and teams, goals regarding how many bets you want to place per week/month, a damage control procedure for when things don’t go according to plan and a profit optimization procedure for when the right opportunity arises.

When you engage in PUBG betting, having a system or a clear plan allows you to act in a more rational and calculated way. This in turn increases your probability of success. And with that comes the chance to bet on PUBG in a sustainable way and actually make money from it.

Finding a Great PUBG Betting Site

When betting on PUBG, you want to find a PUBG betting site that offers you at least two things. And these are not security, flexible payment options or a nice welcome bonus, because that’s a given these days. Instead, what you’re after is a PUBG gambling operator that gives you proper tournament coverage, deep PUBG betting markets and ideally, a PUBG live betting option, so that you can make use of your in-game knowledge and figure out in real time what’s going to happen. There’s nothing more frustrating than being able to read the course of a match and not being able to profit from it.

Deep Betting Markets

This feature refers to the number of tournaments being covered and the number of betting odds you get for each match. The deeper the offer, the more you’ll be able to make use of your PUBG gambling knowledge, as well as your general knowledge of the game and its professional scene.

Using the services of a PUBG betting operator that gives you numerous opportunities to choose from allows you to specialize in taking certain kinds of bets that involve only certain teams, and really pick your opportunities according to what you feel is right based on your analysis.

PUBG Live Betting

This option is important only if you’re knowledgeable enough about the game and capable to watch a match and tell what’s going to happen next based on what’s currently going on, who the teams are and so on.

Along with the live PUBG betting option, it’s a great thing to also get the chance to watch the match on the operator’s website. If you could get the live stream right above the odds, that would be fantastic. Of course, you can also watch the match on the official channel provided by the tournament organizer, but you either have to have two monitors or sacrifice half of your monitor in order to keep both the match and the odds in front of your eyes at all times.

Getting an Edge at PUBG betting

In order to get an edge at PUBG betting, what you’ll want to do is to become a student of the game and its professional scene. Learn all you can about the players and the teams, their past results and so on. Follow them on Twitter and try to have a minimal understanding of where they’re at in terms of form. Tournaments also have official pages, and a number of other websites (such as gamepedia and liquipedia) tend to cover them thoroughly. You can find out about last minute transfers or replacements and everything else that might influence the result.

Also, try to keep up with the latest patches and news about the game. Sometimes, a small nerf leads to some people losing their edge, simply because their most successful strategies rely on certain elements of the game. By knowing about these things, you can often predict who the best teams will be after a patch and what how the pecking order will change.

Last but not least, keep notes about everything and constantly work on your PUBG betting system. Seek to improve it over time, catch your mistakes in judgement and strive to become a better bettor.