R6 Pro League Europe Finals Preview

R6 Pro League Europe Finals Preview

While the winner of the European Pro League Season 11 has already been decided, the race for second and third place of the tournament remains wide open, and this brings with it exciting Rainbow Six Siege Betting opportunities. For NAVI, forZe, G2 and Empire, the last match-day of the R6 Pro League Europe will decide everything.


Rogue have played out a spectacular season, only dropping one map against Natus Vincere. The recent victory over Chaos firmly cemented them at the top of the European competition and the point difference makes it impossible for any of their opponents to catch up. After the cancellation of the Pro League Offline Finals, there will be no additional playoffs and the first-place team of the league will already take home the crown and 50.000 USD in prize money. This marks an impressive improvement over their performance at Six Invitational 2020, where they went out in the last place following defeats to TSM and NAVI.


As of now, Natus Vincere is sitting in second place, with 22 points overall, and three points between them and G2 Esports, forZe and Team Empire. A map victory nets three points, so technically all these teams would still be able to overthrow NAVI, should the latter lose their match against Chaos – the key point here being a loss since a simple draw would already put Natus Vincere in second place.


Now it gets technical. Chaos are currently sitting dead last in Pro League and have lost against NAVI before, but if they were to pull off this rather unlikely win and either Empire, G2 or forZe were to record a victory on the last match-day, NAVI would be in great trouble. This is due to the tie-breaker rules since the tie regulations for Pro League Season 11 consider a ‘mini-league’ that consists only of the teams that are tied up. The mini-league first compares the scores (for map wins, draws, etc.) and then the round difference.

R6 Pro League Europe Tie Breakers

NAVI only comes out on top in two of the four tie-breaker scenarios. Empire will be facing Rogue, making their chances of surviving this encounter exceedingly slim. So let’s imagine that Empire loses their match against Rogue and will not be part of the tie-breaker. Since G2 and forZe are slated to face off against each other on the last match-day, only one of them can challenge NAVI for their spot. In any of the cases, Natus Vincere takes home second place in Pro League Season 11. While they have traded maps with G2 during the season, they have won more rounds overall and the same holds true for their head-to-head with forZe.

But what if Empire wins against Rogue (however unlikely) and will now be part of the tie-breaker? In this case, there will be two potential groups, depending on the outcome of the match between forZe and G2. However, in both mini-leagues, the first tie-breaker rule would already decide the fate of the teams. Comparing just the group between forZe, NAVI and Empire, forZe comes out on top with three map wins and nine overall points, with Empire in second and Natus Vincere in third. Substituting forZe with G2 would result in the same distribution, as they have also accumulated three wins in the G2-NAVI-Empire constellation.

These tie-breaker rules make for a complicated day of matches. If Natus Vincere can’t pull through versus Chaos, their chances of making second place depend on Rogue not screwing up against Empire. G2’s and forZe’s chances of making second place depend entirely on Empire making it into the tie-breaker equation, as it would put them in the first place of the resulting mini-league. In just the head-to-head against Natus Vincere, they have already lost.

The last match-day of Rainbow Six: Siege’s eleventh European Pro League season will decide everything for these four teams and will conclude a lot of storylines. With so much riding on the results of these last few maps, the day promises to be a thrilling experience for any esports fan!