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Rainbow Six Roster Shuffle & Changes For 2020

In the past few weeks, there has been a few huge Rainbow Six Roster Shuffle in Rainbow Six Pro League, both in the EU and in NA. In this article, we will visit each change and speculate as to how it could change the shape of the league.

Chaos E.C. Signs Fifth with Sha77e

On November 1st, Chaos Esports Club filled out their roster by signing Sha77e. Part of the Penta team that won the Six Invitational in 2018, I think he and Chaos will be a force to be reckoned with on EU playdays.

Team Reciprocity Loses Skys

Team Reciprocity announced on November 20th that they will be moving on in Pro League without Skys. As a long-standing member of their team, this move really shows Reciprocity’s Desire to mold and grow as an organization. Finishing the Pro League season with 7 wins, 4 losses, and 3 draws, it will be very interesting to see how they perform in the upcoming US nationals, and in the 2020 season.

DarkZero Makes Several Moves

DarkZero is really looking to shake things up in 2020. Firstly, they traded Nyx to team Reciprocity for Skys (see above). Both veterans, both equally skilled. Secondly, they moved talented BC to coach to make room for the arrival of Ecl9pse, in an attempt to change the way that DZ operates. After coming close to winning Pro League season 10 finals, I believe that this is the change that they need.

G2 Swaps out Goga for Cryn

In a shocking announcement, G2 has decided to say goodbye to long time player Goga. He has been with the roster since its creation, even winning 2 invitationals. G2 is bringing in Cryn to replace him. After winning the 2019 German National, Cryn is looking to make G2 an even more decorated team.

What Does This Mean?

Okay, so what does all of this even mean? It seems as if a lot of teams are looking to tweak and change the way that they play. We are starting to see a lot of huge teams like the G2 and Team Reciprocity roster become a little bit weaker in recent years, and they are looking to change that by swapping out veterans for younger, fresher talent. This is the biggest Rainbow Six roster shuffle that we have ever seen, and I look forward to seeing these guys play, either in the upcoming US Nationals, or Pro League season 11!