In this article of our Road To Worlds 2020 series, we’ll be having a good look at Group B. In this group, we have two clear favourites and two underdogs. Group B features DAMWON Gaming from Korea, JD Gaming from China, Rogue from Europe and PSG Talon from South East Asia. DAMWON and JDG are both among the tournament favourites, making Rogue and PSG the underdogs. Apart from the matchup between DAMWON and JDG, which should be epic, it will be interesting to see if any upsets occur. Especially when we know that DAMWON can play sloppy sometimes, so upsets are improbable, but not impossible.

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Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Nuguri
  • Jungle – Canyon
  • Mid – Showmaker
  • Bot – Ghost
  • Support – BeryL

DAMWON Gaming, the first seed from Korea are one of the favourites for the whole tournament (and of course, also of Worlds 2020 Group B). They rely on great mechanical prowess especially from their solo lanes and jungle. However, this year they have acquired a much more stable bot lane than last year which has allowed them to take the next step and conquer Korea. Now their eyes are set on the world. Last year they exited the tournament in the quarters. This year they will hope to progress much further.

Playing Around Nuguri And Showmaker Should Be The Go To Strat.

The players to watch on this team are definitely Nuguri and Showmaker. Players known for their extreme mechanical talent and always playing on the edge, keeping the fans and audience on the edge of their seats. If DAMWON wants to leave their mark on the tournament, everything depends on the teams ability to put these two players in favourable positions. If they can do that, DAMWON will be an extremely scary team.

The summer split was DAMWON’s to win all along as they finished the regular season first and then beating DRX 3-0 in the finals. If any Korean team is able to challenge the Chinese powerhouses, it will be DAMWON.

DAMWON should have no trouble advancing from Group B, and will fight with JDG for first place. However, the series will be best of one and DAMWON are known to be a volatile team. They will need to perform against all teams to not get upset and leave the tournament during groups. The games to look forward to as a spectator are the ones against JDG, which in terms of quality very well could be a finals match up. To see these two great teams match up in groups will be a treat.

JD Gaming

Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Zoom
  • Jungle – Kanavi
  • Mid – Yagao
  • Bot – Loken
  • Support – Lvmao

The second seed from China is also one of the favourites to win the whole tournament. They are perhaps the best “team” in the world, not really excelling in making flashy outplays, but rather beat teams by just outperforming them in all aspects. With no clear star, they can win through any lane. Also, all five players can make a game-winning play on any given day. One example is in game five of the spring split finals where Lvmao on Bard won the game with his ultimates. Extremely stable, they are somewhat opposite to DAMWON in that regard. To beat these guys will be an extremely tough task for every team in the tournament. Their only downside is that none of the players has been to Worlds before. If this inexperience will hurt them still remains to be seen.

A Five Star Team.

It is hard to point to one or few players to watch in this team. They are all extremely valuable to the team on their own, and all of them carry when called upon. When they win it is always a team effort, which is why they are so extremely strong.

JDG won the LPL spring finals in five games against TOP, and lost the LPL summer finals in five games against TOP. That says it all about their strength as a squad. They have not had any big slumps, which further testifies to the stability in their performance as a team.

The games against DAMWON will be the most interesting. Unlike DAMWON, I have no fear of JDG losing to the underdogs of the group. Therefore, the games against the Koreans will be their big challenge. If JDG beats them, this will severely dent the confidence of the Korean region, as well as prove that JDG is a team that will advance far in the tournament.


Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Finn
  • Jungle – Inspired
  • Mid – Larssen
  • Bot – Hans Sama
  • Support – Vander

The third seed from EU, Rogue, are big underdogs in this group. It is a roster with young players, and more than half of the team have no experience from international tournaments. Their first time here will be rough, and I think they should treat this experience first and foremost as a good platform to develop. Hopefully, they can play without pressure and put up a good fight against the other teams.

The players to watch are Larssen and Hans Sama, the two main carries for the team, and the two players that will need to be enabled if Rogue want to win games.

Just A Mind Game

Rogue played very well during the regular season of the LEC summer split, ending it in the first place. Unfortunately, they hit some sort of mental wall in the playoffs, performing way worse and being eliminated almost right away. This shows a lack of mental fortitude, which could be a problem now that they are going to play on the worlds stage.

This year at worlds, which probably won’t be their last, will provide valuable experience that the team can build upon towards next year. However, they should still do everything they can to put up a good fight, as well as making sure to grab the third place of the group.

PSG Talon

Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Hanabi
  • Jungle – River
  • Mid – Tank
  • Bot – Unified
  • Support – Kaiwing

It is hard to know what to think of PSG Talon. The second seed from the PCS finished first in their play-in group, qualifying them directly for the playoffs. However, they did so with loaned players in three of their roles, due to Covid-19 VISA restrictions. The question is, are they better or worse with their original roster. The logical answer is that they are better. The players that filled in were not qualified for worlds, which should mean that the regular starters should be just as good or better. However, a few of the games they won were because of the substitutions, especially Kongyue in the jungle. It will be interesting to see if River can fill his shoes.

Unfortunately for them, they ended up in the group of death. As with Rogue, they will have to focus on getting the third spot. The games against Rogue should prove to be fun games, with both squads being good overall. I think the draft will play a major role in deciding the winners. PSG have however already shown that they can perform in pressured situations, something we have yet to see with Rogue.

Since we haven’t really gotten a good look of most of the players on the squad, the only player I am comfortable in pointing out as important is Kaiwing. From his support role, he spends a lot of time roaming, trying to affect all of his lanes. His playmaking is the main reason PSG are able to conjure leads, so his performance will be essential if they want to progress further into the tournament.

Worlds 2020 Group B – Predictions

A group of two halves should at least provides us, spectators, with some spicy matches, the ones for first and for third. My predictions are that the team play of JDG will outmatch DAMWON, and the extra preparation time will help Rogue in out drafting PSG. My predicted final standings for this group are:

  1. JD Gaming
  2. DAMWON Gaming
  3. Rogue
  4. PSG Talon

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