And for our Road To Worlds 2020 series, we have arrived at group C, the group of storylines and banter between regions. Here we have Fnatic from Europe, Gen G from Korea, TSM from North America and LGD from China. It is the only group with one team from each major region. It is also a group with all four levels of seeds. Finally, it is on paper the most evenly matched group, and the hardest one to predict. Every team can beat the other on any given day, and it will be the form of the day as well as draft that swings the pendulum either way.

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Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Bwipo
  • Jungle – Selfmade
  • Mid – Nemesis
  • Bot – Rekkles
  • Support – Hylissang

Fnatic is one of the most storied franchises in all of League of Legends and in all of esports. Having one LoL World Championship title under their belt, as well as a second-place finish, they always make a mark on the Worlds stage. This version of the team, coming as the second seed of EU, has a very smart and talented team. Unfortunately, they have been in the shadow of G2 for the last two years, not being able to beat them what so ever. This may be the tournament where that changes.

To Aggro Or Not To Aggro

Fnatic have a combination of hyper-aggressive players as well as some safe farmers. Sometimes this proves to be a successful blend, other times they look uncoordinated and clueless. Bwipo and Hylissang are the aggressive ones, always looking for mechanical outplays. Nemesis and Rekkles are the safe ones, smart players who are great at not overextending. Their most important player, however, is Selfmade. As a great AP-jungler, the meta suits him perfectly. This gives Fnatic a clear win condition, which they will have to use if they want to advance to the Worlds 2020 Playoffs.

Like G2, they went through a slump during the regular season of the summer split. Also like G2, they picked it up in the playoffs and ended up in the finals. And just like a story we’ve seen before, the season ended with them losing the finals to G2, this time 3-0.

Fnatic has a team that can beat all other teams in this group on any given day. Will they? If they can draft well and play around Selfmade I think they have a good shot. There is no other opponent that is more important to beat, since I think everyone will take games from each other. In the closest group (Group C) at Worlds, I think Fnatic have a good chance to progress.

Gen G

Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Rascal
  • Jungle – Clid
  • Mid – Bdd
  • Bot – Ruler
  • Support – Life

Gen G, the third seed from Korea is a team filled with well-known players all over the world. The franchise also has a World Championship from 2017. The only player remaining from that team is Ruler, one of the more experienced players of the tournament. Historically this team has been slow-paced, scaling to the late game and then team fighting. However, with this new roster, this has changed. Both Clid and Bdd are aggressive players trying to outplay their opponents at every turn. Much like Fnatic, the concoction of proactive and safe could be valuable if the whole team are on the same page.

Bdd’s Volatility And Ruler’s Late-Game Insurance Policy

The players to watch in this team are definitely Ruler and Bdd. Bdd is a player who embodies high highs and low lows. At the right day, he can go even and outperform any mid laner in the world. The next day, however, it could be opposite. He is not the most important player on the team though, for that is Ruler. Ruler is the team’s rock, their late-game insurance policy and one of the absolute best Bot laners in the world. Most long term fans of the LoL pro scene remembers his flash on Faker during the finals of 2017, which is one of the most legendary plays ever. Ruler is the teams ace in the sleeve, a player who in the right situation can win a game on his own.

Gen G started off 2020 very well with their new roster, but falling in the spring finals of the LCK. Summer was not equally positive, but still very stable. However, they were never really close to beating DAMWON who dominated the league. The hopes for the team are that their worlds experience will help them perform well during the tournament.

Gen G are in a similar position to Fnatic, where they can beat every team in the group but also lose to them. Focus for Gen G will avoid the fiasco that was their last worlds performance in 2018. If Ruler can be facilitated to carry, the dark days of 2018 will be long gone.


Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Broken Blade
  • Jungle – Spica
  • Mid – Bjergsen
  • Bot – Doublelift
  • Support – Biofrost

Another one of the most storied franchises in League of Legends history, although not as decorated as Fnatic internationally. Domestically though, they are the team with most LCS wins, winning their latest during Summer Split and securing the first seed from North America. TSM is the meme team numero uno, always arriving at Worlds with high hopes which get smashed right away. Embodying the “get out of groups”-meme in person is Doublelift, who finally managed to escape the first stage during MSI 2019.

Bjerg Please Kill The Meme.

Doublelift, who has been one of the most dominant North American players ever, is not the most important player for this team. TSM’s main man, the one who will have to perform if TSM should win some games, is Bjergsen in the mid lane. Known for his Zilean play, he has a wide champion pool that he can use to help his team win in different ways. It will be especially interesting to see him go up against Bdd, who is the other really strong mid laner in this group.

TSM had a roller-coaster season, especially in the Summer Playoffs. Starting off with an upset loss against Golden Guardians, they went through the lower bracket and ended up winning the whole thing. That mental resilience should prove valuable in the BO1 Groups Stage, where it is important to refocus and recuperate after a painful loss.

It will be fun to see Bjergsen and Doublelift on the worlds stage once again. However, they have no easy task in front of them. Their main hope will be to minimize damage around the map will drafting and playing for Bjergsen to allow him to lead this team to victory, and hopefully making it out of Group C.

LGD Gaming

Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – LangX
  • Jungle – Peanut
  • Mid – Xiye
  • Bot – Kramer
  • Support – Mark

LGD, the fourth seed from China, has already been close to making the biggest splash of worlds 2020, in a negative way. Going 1-3 in the play-in group stage, they had to play a tie-breaker to avoid being the first team to be eliminated. In the knockout stage afterwards, they showed another side as they stomped both Rainbow7 and Legacy to arrive in the group stage.

It is hard to be to hyped about LGD after their performance in the play-ins. One thing is for certain though. They go where Peanut goes. In the BO1s you could find a Peanut-int around every corner, so they lost. In the BO5s he was proactive, getting first bloods and essentially carrying the team. The performance of LGD directly proportional to the performance that Peanut puts out.

Bo1 Could Prove Problematic For LGD

LGD has shown during the season that they really excel in the best of five matches. Being a mediocre regular-season team, the flourished in the playoffs, managing to secure the fourth seed after beating IG in the regional playoffs. However, they have shown volatility and weakness in best of 1s, which will be problematic in this phase of the tournament.

LGD will be a dark horse in this group, with the potential to finish first, combined with the risk to not win a single game. The question is which side of the coin we will get to see.

Worlds 2020 Group C – Predictions

Worlds 2020 group C is the most evenly matched of all and will be a treat to watch. It wouldn’t even surprise me if we got more than one tiebreaker game to decide who proceeds to the playoffs. I think that stability and experience will prove to be important during tight games, which leads me to predict the final standings as follows:

  1. Fnatic
  2. Gen G
  3. LGD
  4. TSM
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