Last but not least, Worlds 2020 Group D has arrived. After a closely fought and exciting play-in stage, the best one in a long time according to me, we have now arrived at the main event. This is where the best teams enter the tournament, where the most dominant players start to show off their skills and where the storylines for the rest of the tournament will be created. In a series of articles, we will provide you with an overview of the different teams along with predictions of their performance as a group. If you are interested in betting, check out our competent LoL Betting Guide.

Finally, we have come to Group D. This group should be a one team race, with the rest fighting for second. It consists of DragonX from Korea, FlyQuest from North America, TOP Esports from China and Unicorns of Love from Russia. The most interesting part of this group is that we get to see the favourites of the tournament, the first seed from China. We will also get to see the hyped UoL who qualified from the play-ins.

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Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Doran
  • Jungle – Pyosik
  • Mid – Chovy
  • Bot – Deft
  • Support – Keria

Although it doesn’t seem that way when reading their roster, DRX during the later stages of the season turned into a one-man team. Either Chovy was 1v9ing the games or they lost. This level of play allowed them to finish second in the LCK summer playoffs and granted them the second seed for Worlds 2020. It is an extremely young roster paired with one of the more experience Korean players, Deft.

The Deft & Chovy Carry Duo

Deft and Chovy are both the backbone of this team as well as the front runners. They are the carry players, the ones who are supposed to make sure that their games are winnable. More often than not, they succeed. Unfortunately though, Deft kind of fell of a cliff during the later parts of the season. If DRX wants to advance from groups, Deft will need to pick up his game. I am sure that he will. He is one of the most ambitious players in the world, and he would not let a shot at performing on the worlds stage pass him by.

DRX will be in the race for second place, and I think they have a good shot at reaching it. Their young and talented players will need to keep their nerves in check though, which can be tough at the Worlds stage. Fortunately for them, the fact that there is no crowd should make it easier though.


Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Solo
  • Jungle – Santorin
  • Mid – Power of Evil
  • Bot – Wildturtle
  • Support – Ignar

FlyQuest finally took the leap during the LCS summer split. After several splits, where they ended up just behind the top, they finally managed to get to the finals. And although they lost, they were rewarded with a place at Worlds 2020, and they landed in Group D. Their strength comes from their mid-jungle pairing and roaming support. However, what also gives them an extra edge is the fact that both Solo and Wildturtle are good at playing the weak side. This gives the other players the freedom to affect the map in the best possible way.

Strength In Early & Late Game

The players to watch are definitely Santorin and Power of Evil (PoE). Santorin is the early game carry in the jungle, while PoE takes that responsibility in the late game. Playing a lot of control mages, I believe that the meta suits PoE, with both Orianna and Syndra being priority picks. 

If FlyQuest can manage to draft well, they definitely have a chance to get out of this group. As with DRX, it is all about getting second place, which makes the task tougher. Both DRX, FQ and UoL are very evenly matched on paper. It will be decided by drafting and preparation, as well as the players’ ability to not be affected by the high stakes of the games.

TOP Esports

Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – 369
  • Jungle – Karsa
  • Mid – Knight
  • Bot – JackeyLove
  • Support – Yuyanjia

I have already stated this once before in this article. TOP Esports are the main favourites to win the whole tournament. Why? Because they are the Chinese first seed, which now has the expectations that Koreas first seed used to have. Championship or bust. There is not much that can stop them except for a few teams, and themselves. Avoiding this will be on the shoulders of Karsa and JackeyLove, the two veterans of the team. They have to make sure that the younger players don’t crumble under the pressure of being favourites on home soil.

An All-Star Team All Round

TOP fields players in every role except support that are among the best in the world at that position. 369 is up there among the best with TheShy, Nuguri and Zoom. Karsa is probably the best jungler in the world. Knight’s mechanics are second to none, but don’t have the experience from a worlds tournament prior to this. And they also have JackeyLove, who in fact is the best Bot lane player in the world now that Uzi has retired. This is a team where mechanical outplays are the rule rather than the exception. And it wins them games. If not then they have the exceptional shot calling from JackeyLove in the late game, which, as you might have imagined, also wins them games. To experience their mechanical prowess, watch this.

TOP were on the opposite side of JDG all year. Losing in the spring finals 3-2, they won 3-2 in the summer finals. However, TOP also won the MSC tournament, the replacement for MSI were Korean and Chinese teams battled it out.

As the favourites, they should top this group. But it is still something that needs to be done. I have faith in that they will pull it off, letting us follow this exciting team deep into the playoffs.

Unicorns of Love

Starting roster (expected)

  • Top – Boss
  • Jungle – Ahahacik
  • Mid – Nomanz
  • Bot – Gadget
  • Support – Santas

They are finally here. After losing game 5 of the play-in knockout stage to Splyce in last year’s Worlds, they managed to qualify this year in an easier fashion. After finishing second in the group, they 3-0ed Supermassive to earn a spot in groups. Their games so far have looked really good, except for a few blunders. The wild cards are here to play this year, and it will be fun to see what they can accomplish in the group.

The Wild Card We Need But Don’t Deserve

UoL has a lot of players with carry potential. However, their most important one is Nomanz in the mid lane, the best player in the world outside of the four major regions. He will go up against some stacked mid lane talent, and he has a tendency of not respecting his opponents. If he doesn’t, he can easily get stomped in lane, which should let the other teams take control. However, if Nomanz can keep up and get ahead, I see no reason why UoL shouldn’t be able to get out of this group. 

UoL only lost two games all year before arriving at worlds. They completely dominated the CIS and it shows because are they are not used to having their mistakes punished. Now they will. It will be important for them to minimize their mistakes because they can outplay the other teams in the group. UoL are also very creative in their drafts, managing to create advantages before the game even starts.

This team is actually the only one in the group who I think can take a game of TOP. It will be interesting to see if they can keep up the legacy of CIS that Albus Nox Luna started in 2016, beating the tournament favourites and advancing from the group. I do not think that is impossible.

Worlds 2020 Group D – Predictions

Another very hard group to predict, especially when it comes to the second to fourth spot. I think that UoL has a lot to gain by already playing some games on the stage and in the meta. This might actually give them the edge it needs to finish second in the group. My predicted final standings for Worlds 2020 group D are:

  1. Top Esports
  2. Unicorns of Love
  3. DragonX
  4. FlyQuest
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