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OWL Player of the Week – Week 14 – Shu

Welcome back to Week 14 of the Overwatch League! This week featured a series of one-sided matches between the OWL teams. In fact, only one match across the entire weekend had to be decided by a Game 5. During this week’s action the Guangzhou Charge defeated both of their opponents in a dominant fashion, and the Vancouver Titans fell to the Washington Justice. More surprisingly, the Shanghai Dragons were finally defeated by the Seoul Dynasty. Last week, the Overwatch League Player of the Week was awarded to a veteran DPS player on the Dragons. This week, the honor goes to an outstanding support player from the Charge who was instrumental in their success this weekend. That player is none other than Shu.

Shu – Player of the Week

The OWL Player of the Week is Jin-seo “Shu” Kim. A flex support player for the Guangzhou Charge, he had 166 eliminations, 33 final blows, and 109k healing done. He truly lived up to the title of “flex”, playing a mixture of Moira, Ana, Zenyatta, and Baptiste during his matches. Another important stat we haven’t mentioned is Shu’s total hero damage over the weekend. Across his matches, Shu dealt 46k hero damage, which is only slightly less than his DPS teammates and much more than his support duo, Chara.

Week 14 SHU Player Of The Week

Shu’s Value in Versatility

Shu’s ability to contribute significantly to his team’s damage output while still healing is instrumental to the Charge’s success. In this aspect, Shu has already drawn comparisons to OWL pro Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang. Regarded by many as one of the most offensive support players in the League, JJoNak’s offensive prowess was a major factor in the New York Excelsior’s Season 1 success. With his performance this weekend, Shu proved his offensive abilities to be just as impactful.

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However, Shu also flexed his versatility this weekend by drawing on his deep hero pool. Whereas some players like JJoNak are known for their signature performances on heroes like Zenyatta or Ana, Shu excelled on each of the support heroes he played. His ability to rotate through heroes is crucial to the Charge’s success. With his deep hero pool, Shu is able to fit readily into the many compositions executed by the Charge.

Region Deadlock

Due to the current online status of the OWL, many teams are essentially region locked. Teams like the Charge, Dynasty, Dragons, and Spark have been battling for dominance in their region. Until this week, the Dragons have been the clear victors of their region. But this week, the Dynasty dethroned the Dragons in a highly contested set. With the Charge gathering momentum under the lead of players like Shu, expect the Charge to be a strong Overwatch bet in upcoming weeks.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to next week, the Charge have the opportunity to continue their winning streak against the Chengdu Hunters. In addition, the London Spitfire can bounce back in their matches against the Spark and Dragons. As always, make sure to check back here next week for our pick for Overwatch League Player of the Week!