Spring Split In The 100 Thieves HeadQuarters

In the heart of Los Angeles was a place of unparalleled style. In this place, everyone drove the nicest cars, everyone wore the most stylish clothes, and the players were among the biggest names in the scene. To the residents of this affluent abode, “The Heist” wasn’t a euphemism for a plan or an end goal, it was a way of life. This was the home of the 100 Thieves.  

Bang walked through the house, a structure of pure freshness. He and his teammates had just brought Aphromoo and huhi back to the house. Ssumday, AnDa, and the academy team were setting those two to bed when he last saw them. He walked down the stairs to find his boss, Nadeshot, sitting in the living room. He wasn’t doing anything, just sitting in silence mouthing something Bang couldn’t interpret.

Uh, Nadeshot?


Bang didn’t think Nadeshot had noticed him before he said this. The 100T owner’s head perked up and he looked at his high priced star ADC. A massive grin adorned his face now. ‘I get he needs to look positive at all times but damn.’

Oh hey Bang what’s up?


He got up and walked over to the former world champion.

Aphro and huhi went out swimming again, Aphro got caught out by the tides and no one knew what huhi was doing, but we found them washed up on the beach later.


Nadeshot’s demeanor soured for a moment before smiling again.

Well that’s good that you found them.


All the sudden his eyebrows raised, as if a magnificent idea popped into his head.

Hey Bang, why don’t you ask AnDa to look after them and make sure they are okay, while you and Ssumday go practice with Soligo, Fragas, and Stunt for now?


Bang was a bit confused by the owner’s question.

But wait this is a regular thing. It’s been happening for the past three months.


Nadeshot smiled and put his arm around Bang.

Call me a concerned owner, I just want to make sure my players are well taken care of, and you two don’t need to get rusty while your teammates are recovering. Go on now, we’ll win next split for sure!


Bang was still confused, but decided not to complain as he would FINALLY have to stop carrying Aphromoo in lane. He walked calmly up the stairs and left Nadeshot in the living room.

As soon as Bang was gone, Nadeshot sat back down and began mouthing once again. Bang may not have known, but it was very clear what was being said.

At least it isn’t CSGO again.


Yours truely,
Resident Troll