Starladder Minor 2019 – The Best Players

The Starladder Berlin Major minor circuit has concluded. As always, upsets have occurred and new players and teams will get a chance to grace the Major Qualifier and get in-game memorabilia for their feat. Now that the dust has settled it’s a good opportunity to look back at some of these teams. More particularly, at some of the players. Find out who were the highest fragging individuals and understand how well did they perform.


Nemanja ‘nexa’ Isaković – 22 Years Old

1.31 Rating

Let’s start on the list with the hardest region – Europe. As always, many of the teams outside of the top 10 flocked to get a chance in the major. One of such teams was CR4Zy. Nexa has embraced the in-game leadership role and does most of the calling. Now that the team has combined some tactics, with the help of their coach emi and have individual talent on their side, this should be the perfect mix. And for the team, they had a great start in the minor, by beating Sprout and NoChance for a spot in the playoffs. However, those would not be the games were nexa shows his highest potential.

In the elimination game of Fnatic vs CR4ZY, nexa had loads of impact as a damage dealer at 83.8 ADR. But it would be the match for the Major Qualifier in which nexa had a 1.74 rating and 110.6 ADR in a bo3. He was doing everything, from holding sites with multi-kills, opening duels and winning clutches.


Bogdan ‘xsepower’ Chernikov – 21 Years Old

1.39 Rating

Before the start of the CIS Minor, ForZe was the de facto team who had to make it through. Previously, in online Counter-Strike, this team would win bo3’s against Optic, Heroic and even take away a map off Team Liquid. It wouldn’t always be xsepower who’d contribute most to a win. There were others, for example, Almazer, the rifler on this team. But there is one huge benefactor of having xsepower on your team, his AWP. Time and time again xsepower would find opening duels and allow his team to have better odds at winning a round.

What also helps to contribute to his overall rating is his ability to save the AWP. It’s an important quality for anyone playing with the sniper rifle to understand when to take a risk and when you should save on the other part of the map.


Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte – 21 Years Old

1.32 Rating

The America’s minor was weak this time around. The only 2 teams with proper international experience were the favorites to go through from the start – Furia and NRG. The question was, how easy or difficult this journey could be for either squad. On paper, you could say NRG had a breeze. But that is far from the truth. There were many close maps, out of the 7 maps they’ve won, 4 had more than 26 rounds of Counter-Strike played out. With a second LAN event with Stan, there’s been a dip in Cerq’s performance, whereas Brehze is fragging as good as ever. There were a few games where he’d dip below red, but would be back on the second map of a bo3 with a 2.07 rating.


Simon ‘Sico’ Williams – 24 Years Old

1.35 rating

Grayhound has yet again proved themselves to be worthy of a slot in the Major Qualifier. But just like last time around, there seemed to be only one worthy opponent for the Australians. Earlier in the tournament, they had to fight the South Africans of Energy and a local Australian team by the name Avant. Both of these matches were easy affairs and Grayhound didn’t break a sweat. Even in the MVP PK game, all the players contributed to an easy 2-0 victory. In the last bo3 of the minor, where it mattered the most, Sico didn’t have the best game. He was consistent on the scoreboard, but a standout game from malta on the third map was the deciding player for Grayhound to even contend the Major Qualifier.