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StarSeries i-League Season 7 Group Stage Aftermath

The StarSeries i-League Season 7 groups have concluded. The 5-day group stage has given us a lot of information about the teams. There were triumphs, there were errors and interesting storylines. Thanks to this esport tournament, we’re able to draw parallels to other events and make theories about the teams.

Be On The Safe Side

Starladder is the first tournament organizer to include a bo3 swiss format group stage. Their first event to include such a system was StarSeries i-League Season 4 at the start of 2018. It did a better job of providing a more serious format. In order to make the playoffs, you’d need to win at the very least 6 maps, and not the usual 3. However, the randomness factor was a prevalent feature in this recent StarSeries. As much as it sounds good to make teams play more games, to prove their worth, it is important who they play against. This StarSeries didn’t include a seeding system as we saw in the major. All the matches were seeded randomly. The 0-1 pool on the second day had Na’vi vs Big, Nip vs North and Spirit vs Panda. An elo based seeding would help improve the quality of games further down the line.

Crumbling Legacies

After BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo, MiBR players were looking to make a name for themselves. They wanted to show the world, that this Brazilian squad can still pack a punch. In spite of that, it was another bad exit and might be even worse than the losses at BLAST. For instance, they were able to win 1 bo3 and that was against the Chinese team of Panda. Not the most prestigious opponents in the event. What followed suite were 3 consecutive bo3 losses.

The first one was against Renegades. They are a formidable opponent and have acquired a lot of notoriety in the scene. But even then it was a shock to see MiBR loose Train 16-4. Yes, MiBR managed to secure Cache afterwards, but on the third map Mirage, it was another one-sided victory for the Aussies. Things didn’t get better from there. The Brazilians lost their next 2 bo3’s without picking up a single map. With another dreadful exit, they must make things work for the next event. StarSeries i-League Season 7 and BLAST Pro Series Madrid are just 2 weeks apart. That means MiBR must attend another event and hope for the best.

Teams Phasing Out At StarSeries i-League Season 7

FaZe clan and MiBR are on the same boat. On paper, these two are very formidable teams. They have well-known names, which all had their success in the past. But at the event, they are very underwhelming. In the case of FaZe, it’s hard to understand where the roster is heading. They have their fading star players, who just can’t perform up to snuff. One of which is Olofmeister. This year has been his career’s worst, and we’re just 1/4th in the year. 6 out of 5 events he attended, he accumulated a rating of 0.97 and lower. If they’d have one player on such stats, that is still a durable position. But alongside Olofmeister, AdreN is also in the red. It doesn’t help that FaZe doesn’t have a proper in-game leader. The question is, how long can this charade continue?

Rough Beginnings

Berlin International Gaming is also having a rough time. Ever since Smooya left the team, it’s becoming very hard to believe in this roster. We’ve had 2 events to gather more information about this team. For IEM Katowice, we can give the benefit of the doubt. It was their first ever event with Xantares and Nex made his return from surgery. But there has been almost a month of inactivity for the BIG squad between Katowice and StarSeries i-League Season 7. And yet this roster is having a lot of trouble on the server.

First of all, there is the issue of finding the right play style for the team. In an interview from HLTV, BIG’s coach kakafu revealed some valuable information about the team. In his eye, the team hasn’t acquired the right playstyle to fit Xantares. That is not hard to spot, as they’ve struggled to close out numerous games. The second issue is with communication. Kakafu noted: “We’re just figuring out if XANTARES should start German lessons instead of English”. There are clear signs of struggle for this team.

StarSeries i-League Season 7 Group Stage Conclusion

StarSeries i-League Season 7 is our 2nd formidable Counter-Strike event (sorry WESG and BLAST). We had a lot of games in the group stages. Only the cream of the crop made it to top 8. There have been interesting story-lines that appeared in the groups.  In our next article, we’ll be sure to discuss the winners of StarSeries i-League Season 7.

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