StarSeries i-League Season 7 Winners - - final

StarSeries i-League Season 7 Winners

In our last article, we took a hard look at the group stage of StarSeries i-League Season 7 Group Stage. Primarily, the main goal was to uncover the most underwhelming teams in the event. It included teams that went out too early in the event and had a lacklustre performance. Since the event has ended, it’s a good opportunity to uncover the winners of StarSeries i-League Season 7. Those are the teams that met and or exceeded expectations, have proven their worth from previous events or showed signs of improvement. Because of said success, they can be regarded as victors.


This is an obvious pick. After all, this is the team that won the trophy in StarSeries i-League Season 7. But it important to understand how they got the trophy in the first place. Because it wasn’t a simple feat. With their first loss in the group stage against Vici (in a bo3), it was hard to estimate Na’vi’s form. However, one thing was certain. S1mple’s form in-game. Even in the bo3 they lost, s1mple put out ridiculous numbers. An ADR of 88.8, 62 kills and a rating of 1.34. These stats are only on par with winning team’s best fragger zhokiNg.

It looked like Na’vi might struggle in this event, if they can only rely on s1mple to do the fragging. But fate was on the side of the CIS team as electronic stepped up massively. At times, his number of frags would surpass those of s1mple. This tag team duo kept the skill ceiling high and their consistency even higher. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the highest rated players of the event were s1mple and electronic. Their performance has created some intrigue for Blast Pro Series Miami. Can they keep up their stellar form?


Heading into StarSeries i-League Season 7, Fnatic’s form was questionable at best. Not qualifying for the major, losing a chance at 500,000$ during the WESG Finals and so foth. These are poor results for this legendary organization. In order to prove the team’s worth, they’d need to make a deep run in StarSeries. Fnatic qualified to the playoffs with a 3-0 score (not losing a single bo3). But those were some close matches. In said group stage, 5 out of the 6 maps they won, Fnatic had a 5 or a lesser round advantage.

They were really cutting it close in the semi-final against NRG. They won both maps, sure, but those victories were 19-17 in favor of the Swedes. If it hadn’t been for the Swedes winning some important clutches, it could’ve been an NRG versus Na’vi final. But in this last stage of the event, Fnatic did begin to run out of steam. If it hadn’t been for Krimz, the 0-3 loss could’ve led to a more one-sided final. But it looks like Fnatic’s growing pains might finally end.


NRG really had to prove themselves in this event. Prior to StarSeries Season 7, they had an underwhelming showing in the major. They were one of the favorites to qualify for the playoffs in the Spodek arena. Instead, they went out dead last with the likes of BIG. One of the changes they made, was to remove Fugly from the team. It didn’t take them too long to find a replacement player from the land of free agency – Tarik. His addition to the teams allowed NRG to have more firepower, which was one of the areas they lacked in.

When it comes to their group play in StarSeries, they had their fair share of losses. Most importantly, early on they lost to Fnatic (13-16 and 15-19 respectively). In that case, NRG had a great opportunity to win against the Swedes of Fnatic in the semi-final. But as I mentioned earlier, the two maps NRG lost were in a very close fashion. If it hadn’t been for the Swedes and their bursts of greatness, it could’ve been a different final.


Just a couple of months prior, whilst the Aussies Renegades were still playing in the Katowice major, they received good news. Since Mousesports no longer had an active roster, it was the Aussies that replaced them for the event in China. When it came to playing in the actual event, Renegades were looking like a solid team. They had just made it to the top 8 of a major and were one of the few teams in that event to take a map off Astralis. It was safe to assume that Renegades can make another top 8 appearances.

They began their journey with a swift victory against the Chinese team Tyloo. Next they faced their arch-rivals, the Brazillian core and also won the bo3. Along the way to semifinals, they secured 2 more bo3’s against FaZe Clan and NiP. In said semifinals, Renegades had a good veto in front of them. They’d need to play Inferno, Mirage, and Train against Na’vi, all in that order. And yet the Australians only won Mirage and had a poor showing on the other two maps.

StarSeries i-League Season 7 Aftermath

Another StarSeries has concluded. StarSeries i-League Season 7 had more prize money, better teams and brought back the bo3 swiss format. It has improved in almost every regard to the predecessor (Season 6). Most importantly, this event has been a good try-out for the teams after the major. Teams like Renegades, NRG and ENCE have proven to be more than just one hit wonders. On the other side of the equation, teams like MiBR and FaZe Clan should probably reconsider their options.