Team For The Future – Tricked Esports

Team For The Future – Tricked Esports

The current landscape of Counter-Strike is filled with teams across various regions. However, there seems to be one region which excels in producing high-level competitive teams – Denmark. From having the best team in the world, Denmark has competitive teams below that threshold. North and Heroic are the two names that crop up. But there is a 4th team below those, who is in contention to reach the top. Under the leadership of HUNDEN, this ragtag group of players known as Tricked Esports could be the next big team to rise to the top.

Tricked Esports HUNDEN On The Hunt

HUNDEN is one of the few IGL’s in Counter-Strike who has stuck through thick and thin. Whenever he’d a assemble a lineup of formidable Danish players, they’d be plucked from his grasps and he’d have to start again. For example, in 2016 he played in Reason Gaming with konfig and Jugi and after their brief stint in the team, they’d go on to greener pastures. During his stay with the Germans in Alternate Attax, his players like Tizian and k1to would go on to play in BIG and Sprout respectively.

HUNDEN at ESLM Spring 2018 Finals
HUNDEN at ESLM Spring 2018 Finals. Image via

This time around, Tricked’s the roster assembled from April has stuck through and have been playing together for 3 months. With an average age of 22.3, these youngsters have climbed from the 61st rank in the world to number 18.

Tricked Esports Got A Good Level Of Depth

One of the more interesting features of this team is their depth. For individuals, they have a Liquid like quality of having different individuals step up to the playing field. That’s why statistically, apart from HUNDER, every player is capable of fragging, but some or better than others. acoR, the AWPer for the team, has been stellar at opening kills. Not only does he have a team win percentage after the first kill at 77% but is capable of surviving after an opening engagement, which is a great quality of an AWPer.

As for the best rifler, look no further than bORUP, as he is capable of finding opening kills and, alongside sjussh, one of the best players in clutching. To glue these pieces together there’s the most experienced IGL in tier 2 Counter-Strike with HUNDEN.

Troubles Of The Present

Tricked has proven that they are definitely capable of playing in the tier 2 level of Counter-Strike, but still have issues beating opponents just a level above them. For example, the recent GoodGame League event in Poland is a good example. Without much of a fuss, the team secured the first seed in the groups and beat Virtus.Pro in the semis. When they had to go up against G2 Esports, the team and players performed well. And that was the problem, everyone played on a similar level, even HUNDEN. Because no one had a stand-out performance they took a 2-0 loss.

For now, it looks like Tricked still needs some experience. After the player break, the team will get to play MDL, a league just below Pro League. Because this team has potential and is already close to beating the likes of Heroic, Optic and G2 it looks like they are just 1 step away of reaching the next level.

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