Per new inforThe-Real-Reason-NA-Teams-Lost-at-Rift-Rivals-MyEsportsBettingOddsmation gained from sources on Reddit and Discords, several LCS players and coaches participating in the NA/EU Rift Rivals event had some sort of sickness.

The Real Reason NA Teams Lost at Rift Rivals

Per new information gained from sources on Reddit and Discords, several LCS players and coaches participating in the NA/EU Rift Rivals event had some sort of sickness. This ranged from cramps to full on sickness.

Cloud9 at Rift Rivals

 For Cloud9, there was the obvious illness that plagued ADC Zach “Sneaky”  Scuderi. But what the fans didn’t know was several members of the team were plagued with dizziness and disorientation throughout Rift Rivals. Support Tristan “Zeyzal” Stidam and coach Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu were apparently the victims here. As one team staff member said: 

How else could you explain that draft against Fnatic by Reapered or that play during the event from Zeyzal? They must have been massively confused.”

Zeyzal and Reapered themselves could not be reached for comment. 

C9 Sneak disoriented prior to Fnatic match. Could also be tilted.

TSM at Rift Rivals

 For the black and white, the Rift Rivals ailment was cramps of the wrists and fingers. Sources claim that the affliction was present every game of the event except the first match against Fnatic, preventing mechanical play. It supposedly plagued all players on TSM to boot. One source claimed:

TSM were suffering from massive cramps. They are just as good as Fnatic or G2 mechanically, cramps is the reason they performed poorly. 

It is unknown why the cramps let up for the Fnatic match when Fnatic were playing their Academy jungler. 

Team Liquid at Rift Rivals

CoreJJ showing Doublelift where his back hurts after the carrying him.
(Photo by Shannon Cottrell/Riot Games)

For the first day of Rift Rivals, Team Liquid apparently suffered from jetlag. When asked why and how the team suffered from jetlag against Fnatic, no answer was provided. One source close to the team said: 

The jetlag really was only for the first day, then we got the chance to stomp the EU teams from there. We’re the best team in NA by far. We only lost to the best team in Europe. 

When asked about the extremely questionable compositions used by Origen and G2 on Day 2, the source replied: 

No those were just cheese strategies they implemented. They weren’t good enough to beat us with their completely legitimate compositions.

A G2 spokesperson later was heard saying:

You call our strats cheese? You sure you’re not talking about your new MARVEL jersey?!

Kobe > EU

Ex CLG ‘pro’ jungler Kobe finally lifted the show match curse as he single-handedly puts NA on his flexed back and carries the team to victory. The jungle matchup was the closest one we’ve seen since 2015’s Light of Demacia vs Hearts of Noxus. After 27.8 hours of thorough investigation and analysis, we still can’t figure out how Medic’s in-game movement, decision-making, and jungle paths work. And oh don’t get me started on those mechanics. Blissfull.

@RiotPhreak dying 18 times.

However credits must be given to the rest of the NA Team, such as to TL’s big daddy Liquid112 for hitting 2 Lux ults, TSM’s regi for not picking TF, all-time crowd favorite Darius for giving his team time to shine and going afk, and last but not least to Westrice, who showed that he can 1v5 his Academy team should he wish to.