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TI9 Prize Pool Could Easily Topple TI8’s. Here’s How Valve Is Doing It

It is that time of the year again. The annual Dota 2 grind for Battle Pass levels for casual players and the series of Dota 2 tournaments for professionals are signs of the coming of the biggest esports event of the year – The International 2019, aka TI9. For six years, TI prize pool had always toppled its previous year’s. Will it surpass last year’s cast pot once again?

So far, so good

Only three days since release, The International’s 2019 ( TI9 ) prize pot is already 2 million dollars ahead of last year’s at the same stage. So far, so good. The International 9 prize pool is comprised of Valve’s initial $1,600,000 plus 25% of all the battle pass sales. The battle pass can be bought at $9.99 per account, but players can also buy 24 levels at the same price.

TI9 Prize Pool Information

If an average player buys a battle pass at $9.99 each, there are already 700,000 accounts with a battle pass. That number sums up the support of the player base for the game. If the surge continues, TI9 prize can easily topple last year’s.

TI9 Brings A New Age of Cosmetics for the Sake of Sales

This year’s TI9 bp showcases not only exclusive features but also legendary items like Axe’s axeless skin and dancing Ursa with a tambourine. The release of these Dota 2 cosmetics shows that Valve is willing to make non-thematic and lore-unrelated skins for its heroes for the sake of increasing battle pass sales.

TI9 Axe Cosmetic
Axe Cosmetic

To unlock the new Axe skin, you have to reach level 425. Although it is attainable thru grinding, reaching level 425 is not easy without spending money for leveling up. If you want to have it instantly, you need to spend $180 US dollars.

While you can can possess all cosmetics there is by level 425, Valve has special tradition to reward those who reach level 1000 by giving them a physical copy of a golden aegis, and a rare baby Roshan courier for players who reach level 2000. And this is enough incentives for some players of Dota 2 to purchase levels up to thousands of levels.