Top Three Storylines at Dota 2 ESL One Germany 2020

Top Three Storylines at Dota 2 ESL One Germany 2020

What a tournament it was!

Dota 2 ESL One Germany 2020 was filled with everything a good tournament should have, such as suspense, intrigue, upsets, and most importantly high-level play. With the void of the annual global super-tournament, The International, there have been fewer opportunities for the best teams around the world to compete.

The covid-19 pandemic has halted global travel and made it impossible for offline tournament play. Although not a global tournament, Europe is considered by many to be the top region and Dota 2 ESL Germany 2020 featured the top teams in Europe, which included the likes of Team Secret, Team Nigma, and OG. The tournament did not disappoint, however, not in the expected ways. Here were three storylines from the tournament:

Team Liquid Wins ESL One Germany 2020

1. Lower Bracket Kings Team Liquid Ran The Gauntlet To Win Dota 2 ESL Germany 2020

After an early upper 2-1 bracket loss to a surprise team, mudgolems, Team Liquid found themselves with their backs against the wall in the lower bracket, but that did not stop them from making an incredible lower bracket run to win it all. Team Liquid went on a furious run defeating juggernauts Team Secret and Team Nigma on their road to victory.

This was the first title for this new iteration of Team Liquid since the formation of this new squad under the Team Liquid banner  in October 2019, and it marks the beginning of an incredibly bright future for this squad.

The post-game interview with their captain iNSaNiA was insightful, as he revealed that players were going through personal items, but they overcame it and were now playing “without fear”. This bodes well for the future, as they are unlocking their next level. Expect more to come from this team in the future.

Dota 2 2020 ESL ONE Germany Team Secret Finishes Fourth

2. Team Secret Actually Lost A Tournament

Fate did not smile on Team Secret this time, as they surprisingly did not win Dota 2 ESL One. The team was delivered an early exit at the hands of the eventual winner, Team Liquid, and it ended an incredible run of winning 8 major tournaments in a row.

Starting in April of this year, Team Secret had been unstoppable, even breaking Alliance’s 2013 100-game record going 85-15. All good things must come to an end, but no one expected it to come so soon, especially against the teams mudgolems and Team Liquid. It is not that Team Secret played poorly, instead oppositions have stepped up their level of play. Despite the tournament exit, count this as a small blip on their journey.

3. Mudgolems Is Turning Heads With Their Strong Play

mudgolems put the Dota 2 world on notice when they took a convincing series 2-0 against the dominant Team Secret, which was Team Secret’s first wound in the tournament, knocking them to the lower bracket. Despite the win, mudgolems could not keep up the momentum and instead finished a respectable 3rd place. This was especially noteworthy, as they had formed recently in September 2020 and hopes were not high for this new squad composed of veterans and journeymen.

Some of you may recognize the team captain Adrian “Fata” Trinks, who has been on many high-profile teams such as Cloud9, Team Secret, and Alliance. mudgolems showed flashes of brilliance and they have to be happy with their solid performance.