OWL Player of the Week Week 11 Void

OWL Player of the Week – Week 11 – Void

Welcome back to Week 11 of the Overwatch League Player of the Week series! In this week of competition, we saw a series of close matches between some of the North American teams, and a series of blowouts in matches in the Asian conference. More specifically, the San Francisco Shock closed out a tight series against the Dallas Fuel, and the Shanghai Dragons continued to dominate with multiple 3-0 victories. For this week’s OWL best player, we chose a player who was instrumental in Shanghai’s success this weekend.

Void – Player of the Week

The OWL Player of the Week for Week 11 is Jun-woo “Void” Kang. A tank main, Void typically plays off-tank heroes, which are typically used to support the main tank and deal some extra damage. This week, Void alternated between using D.Va to dive enemy players and using Sigma to deal long-range damage and crowd control. Across both of his heroes, Void scored 211 eliminations, 71 final blows, and blocked 102k damage this week.

To put these statistics into perspective, Void racked up more and eliminations, final blows, and hero damage than any other player on his team, including DPS players. Part of this is due to his increased playtime compared to some of his teammates, but it also speaks to his extreme proficiency in dealing damage while fulfilling the role of the tank. In terms of team composition, Void’s ability to secure eliminations alleviates pressure from the Shanghai DPS and enables the team to succeed even if the DPS players struggle.

The Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons have seen a lot of success in this season of the OWL, winning 6 of their 7 series played so far. This is an extreme turnaround from their performances in previous seasons, where they went on a record-setting 42 game losing streak. A huge part of their success is due to the recruitment of new talent to augment their roster. Void himself is a prime example of this, having previously played for the Los Angeles Gladiators before being traded to the Dragons.

However, another key aspect to their success is their ability to use their roster depth effectively. This week, the Dragons fielded 9 different players at some point over the course of their matches. This number is significant as other teams typically make only one substitution, and many teams don’t utilize substitutes at all.

Void Shanghai Dragons

In the case of the Shanghai Dragons, it is very possible that they could have won both of their matches without making the substitutions that they did. But their choice to do so shows their confidence the ability of every member on their roster to effectively fulfill their roles. In fact, their roster depth extends even further than the substitutions they showed this week, as veteran DPS player Diem did not play in Week 11. Ultimately, Shanghai’s roster depth marks them as a strong Overwatch bet in future weeks as they continue to face more challenging opponents.

Looking Ahead

Next week, the Dragons look to continue their dominance in matches against the Guangzhou Charge and Seoul Dynasty. Week 12 will also feature appearances from the Houston Outlaws, Atlanta Reign, and Philadelphia Fusion, among others. For the hero bans, Echo, Tracer, Orisa, and Moira will all be ineligible to play in all competitive matches. And as always, make sure to check back here for our next choice of OWL Player of the Week!