This week, Week 14, the Overwatch League is bringing out more matches than usual, a start for the monthly tournament taking place later this month. The London Spitfire and Vancouver Titans return to the fold, both in new regions, and we have a combination of familiar opponents facing each other and some odd matchups. With Reaper, Ashe, Reinhardt, and Brigitte banned this week, look for teams to either return to McCree or Widowmaker or other heroes that compliment dive-like compositions. There is also the newly added Echo, which left huge waves with amazing plays last week (Week 13).

OWL Week 14 Champions Out Of Rotation Week 14 Games

  • Shanghai Dragons vs. Seoul Dynasty
  • Chengdu Hunters vs. London Spitfire
  • Guangzhou Charge vs. New York Excelsior
  • Paris Eternal vs. Los Angeles Gladiators
  • Washington Justice vs. Vancouver Titans
  • Houston Outlaws vs. Atlanta Reign
  • Los Angeles Valiant vs. Boston Uprising
  • Hangzhou Spark vs. Shanghai Dragons
  • London Spitfire vs. Guangzhou Charge
  • Dallas Fuel vs. Philadelphia Fusion
  • Toronto Defiant vs. San Francisco Shock
  • Florida Mayhem vs. Vancouver Titans

Hyped Matches

The London Spitfire play their first matches since the league moved to online play, settling into the Asian region and playing against Chengdu and Guangzhou. When we last saw them in March, the team made of no names and disparate parts was finally coming together in beating mid-tier Atlantic teams. With more time off to practice and get more acclimated together, the Spitfire should continue their upward momentum if they are comparable to the Chinese teams they will be playing.

Stateside, the Vancouver Titans will be playing their first games since they let their previous all-Korean roster go. Whoever they start or get to play for the team will be a surprise once they take the field against Washington. It’s a risky one, but the Vancouver Titans can prove to be the a very profitable Overwatch Bet.

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