OWL 2020 Week 2 Preview & Predictions

Week 2 Preview & Predictions – OWL 2020

This week in the Overwatch League 2020 features a return to Philadelphia, where the 2019 season grand finals were held. That homestand will feature four Atlantic South teams facing off for the first time this season. The Fusion, looking to rebound after an off-year, look to make a strong impression on their home crowd while the rest of the teams are just hoping for a good start.

The planned Shanghai homestand, meanwhile, has been cancelled along with all the other Chinese homestands through March due to fears of spreading the coronavirus. Those games featuring Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Seoul, have yet to be rescheduled, nor has any announcement been made regarding when they’ll make up those matches. So without further ado, let’s get into our OWL 2020 Week 2 Preview.

Philadelphia Homestand

Florida Mayhem vs. Houston Outlaws

Washington Justice vs. Philadelphia Fusion

Washington Justice vs. Houston Outlaws

Florida Mayhem vs. Philadelphia Fusion

What to watch out for in the OWL 2020 Week 2

Philadelphia Fusion

The Philadelphia Fusion heavily upgraded during the offseason, letting Neptuno, Elk, and Kyb go and bringing in Koreans Ivy, Fury, and Alarm to fill in their places. FunnyAstro will see playtime, as he’s Neptuno’s replacement, and if Chipsa gets any playtime at all, it will just be for fan-service. The Fusion are looking as strong as ever, making them the ideal Overwatch Bet this season.

Washington Justice

Washington will see if their star DPS duo of Corey, fresh off a scene-stealing performance with team USA, and Status can carry them to victory while their new Swedish tank duo of Ellivote and Lullish can get acclimated and adjusted to the team.

Houston Outlaws

Houston finally made some long-needed additions in their offseason with Rapel, Jecse, and Meko as a new base to build around. Their new Western additions, Hydration and blasé, come to a crowded DPS lineup where they need to try and stand out from the established Dante and Linkzr, who can fill their same roles.

Florida Mayhem

Florida hopes to start off their season on the right foot for once, retaining most of last year’s roster that got progressively better over the course of the season. If they can jell together properly, maybe they won’t end up near the bottom of the standings again.

OWL 2020 Week 2 Philadelphia Fusion Expected To Win Against Washington Justice

OWL 2020 Week 2 Predictions

  • Philadelphia Fusion to win both of their games.
  • Washington Justice to win against Houston Outlaws.
  • Houston Outlaws to win against Florida Mayhem.

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