In Week 5, the Overwatch League returns to Washington for the first homestand featuring hero pools. The teams playing will have to figure out how make do without Reinhardt, Widowmaker, McCree, and Moira. Teams from all over the standings will appear to either continue their upward momentum or try to right their ships. With four weeks come and gone, the Atlantic Conference teams are looking more solidified in the standings, so now would be a time for some to break out before being pigeonholed to their respective places.

OWL 2020 Week 5 Matches:

Toronto Defiant vs. Florida Mayhem

Paris Eternal vs. Houston Outlaws

Boston Uprising vs. Washington Justice

Paris Eternal vs. Philadelphia Fusion

New York Excelsior vs. Washington Justice

Boston Uprising vs. Atlanta Reign

What To Watch Out For

Washington becomes the first team to host more than one homestand this year, but despite having the crowd in its side two weeks ago, they still lost to Paris and London very convincingly. It doesn’t get any easier having to play New York, so Corey and Stratus have their work cut out for them in correcting course.

The Paris-Philadelphia game is a chance for the Paris Eternal to prove their hot start to the season is more than a fluke, and if Xzi can do more than play a flashy McCree.

Atlanta Reign had a rough showing against Paris last week once they put Hawk in the lineup. While their only match of the weekend is against Boston, the Reign need this win to show their roster is as stacked as people say it is.

Houston were finally able to win a series against Toronto and while they are a longshot to win against Paris, they now know what works when Dante and Blasé play. Figuring out what they can play at a high level can only do good.

OWL 2020 Week 5 Predictions

  • Boston Uprising to lose to Washington Justice and Atlanta Reign
  • Paris Eternal to beat Houston Outlaws, but lose to Philadelphia Fusion
  • New York Excelsior to defeat Washington Justice
  • Florida Mayhem to beat Toronto Defiant
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