The Overwatch League 2020 heads to South Florida this weekend for Week 6 as the Florida Mayhem host this round of matches. Winston, Lucio, Sombra, and Soldier 76 are off the table as teams look likely to go back to slower point-control compositions instead of faster dive compositions. Florida, a middling team for most of their existence, have a chance to make an impression now that they have an established team that isn’t the worst in the league. With the live homestands temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus, home team advantage won’t matter as much for the time being. Here is what’s going to happen this weekend in the Miami Homestand.


OWL 2020 Week 6 Matches

New York Excelsior vs. Atlanta Reign

London Spitfire vs. Philadelphia Fusion

Paris Eternal vs. Florida Mayhem

Toronto Defiant vs. Washington Justice

London Spitfire vs. Atlanta Reign

Boston Uprising vs. Florida Mayhem


What To Watch Out For

Florida has played much better when main support Kris is on Brigitte instead of Lucio with the rest of the team playing around him, including BQB and Yaki on the Mei/McCree composition that’s been so prominent so far. They are playing two widely different teams in Paris and Boston, one among the best in the league, and the other a doormat.

London is coming together as a team nobody expected to be this good this quickly, though their match victories against Washington, Houston, and Florida all went to map 5’s. Even then in those matches, especially the Washington one, London was slow to start, so it will be interesting to see what happens when they go up against powerhouses in Philadelphia and Atlanta.

The best game of the weekend should be between New York and Atlanta, where the Reign gets to prove whether they belong among the early heavy hitters or if they got lucky so far. An Overwatch Bet on Reign could proved profitable.

New York has shown they can run any composition, but Atlanta has run odd choices and been not been measured up against the absolute best the league has to offer.


OWL 2020 Week 6 Predictions


  • London to lose to both Atlanta and Philadelphia
  • Florida to beat Boston, but lose to Paris
  • New York to beat Atlanta
  • Washington to beat Toronto


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