The Overwatch League is firmly online for the next few weeks and we have 10 games spread out over the weekend in Week 9 to look forward to. With Brigitte, Wrecking Ball, Mei, and McCree banned, people should expect teams to come out with more high-flying, fast-playing compositions now that there is much less stun potential. As such, teams with players more used to dive compositions should be able to perform better this week. Here’s what we can expect this weekend in the Overwatch League.

OWL Week 9 Matches

Shanghai Dragons vs. Hangzhou Spark

Chengdu Hunters vs. Guangzhou Charge

Toronto Defiant vs. Washington Justice

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Dallas Fuel

Los Angeles Valiant vs. San Francisco Shock

Chengdu Hunters vs. Shanghai Dragons

Guangzhou Charge vs. Hangzhou Spark

Houston Outlaws vs. Paris Eternal

Philadelphia Fusion vs. Washington Justice

Dallas Fuel vs. Los Angeles Valiant

Matches To Watch Out For

The San Francisco Shock surprisingly lost both of their games to the two Los Angeles teams last weekend, mainly due to an unfavourable hero pool and constantly shifting players during matches, never having a completely solid lineup. That can mostly be said for Sinatraa switching between DPS and off-tank roles. It would be interesting to see how they bounce back against the Valiant.

Elsewhere, Chengdu has its main selling point, Ameng’s Wrecking Ball, banned, so he could either play it safe on Orisa, try Reinhardt and own the place like he did against Vancouver in 2019, or they give their new Taiwanese main tank, ATing, a chance at starting.

Washington gets to play two matches where they can get their bearings after a disappointing start and Dallas play two matches as well, their first showing since the Overwatch League 2020 week one, so we can see if they managed to put all that time off to good use and make some kind of teamwork happen.

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